Thursday, July 3, 2014

Don't Starve - Wilson's Journal - Week 2

Day 8 

WilsonI find myself revitalized despite being sleep deprived. A good meal has breathed some life back into me. I spend the day chopping down the surrounding forest and building back up my resource stock so that I may start researching new technologies. I find that wood may be one of the most vital resources I can gather at this point on account of it's versatility in crafting, so I chop my day away. That is, until, ONE OF THE TREES SPROUTED LEGS AND WALKED AFTER ME! I was horrified! I staggered back - waited for it's strike - riposted in and swiped a few times with my trusty ax - and backed off. He got me a few times with his wicked branches but in the end I prevailed. I HAVE KILLED THE LIVING TREE AND LIVED TO TELL THE TALE! Science 1 - Nature 0. I will not be thwarted this day. He was helpful enough in his death to provide me with more wood for my troubles. With each burning log I will remember this victory.


I spend the rest of my day tending to my wounds. Just when I thought I wasn't in danger - 3 frogs attacked me out of the brush. I fended them off in fear of my life, and conquered the foes one by one. Badly injured, I settle in by the fire and lick my wounds. Maybe i'll try and fortify the camp tomorrow... Maybe.

WilsonI feel eyes watching me from the darkness all night long. Between my recent attack, loss of friends, and lack of sleep, I feel myself slipping into a state of delirium. I use what little brush I have left and bind it with rope making a small bedroll. Despite a horrible day, I fall immediately into a deep sleep.

Day 9  

WilsonI don't feel much better after a nights rest. I realize that my bedroll has been destroyed, which I can only attribute to the violent nightmares I had. I must have thrashed the poor thing to bits in a fit of flailing about during my slumber. I dreamt of the living tree attacking me, the foul creature. I awoke to a frog attack almost immediately. I groggily struggled to fend them off in my morning stupor.

WilsonI decided that despite setting up a permanent camp with some crops, this was far too dangerous of an area for me to reside without my pig friends. I'm going to go south and settle among the bees as I had the notion of before. I think I can succeed where the other adventurer failed in living among these creatures. Plus, I will be closer to the yak beasts I have grown so fond of. At least I can take a small comfort in that notion. I set up a temporary fire pit and think about my next move. I know i'll need to go back to my other camp and retrieve some of the things there. The ring thing in particular catches my thought - since I haven't had time to examine it. I doubt i'll go back for it tomorrow. There is much to do in order to make my new plot hospitable. I'm in no hurry to be attacked again. I cook as I think - roasting berries and carrots from the surrounding area. I was hoping to be past living off the land in this manner by now.. but I suppose that's where I am.

Day 10

WilsonI awake without incident. I decide I'm going to need rocks to rebuild a more proper living area so I set forth to find a quarry in which to harvest. I spend the day collecting wood and tending to my only source of comfort - the yak heard. I find that i'm quite hungry so I take some time to pick what few berries and dig up what few carrots I come across. Returning to my new favored plot of land, I return to settle in.

I start again by building a more permanent fire pit. I roast my spoils of the day on it's open flame and till the land around me for tomorrow's hopeful farming venture. I feel as though i'm back at square 1. At least this time I don't feel threatened by my surroundings as I did before. At least, not yet. Maybe i'm just being paranoid. Or maybe this place has finally taken hold of me. I need to be more careful. I need to protect myself. Maybe tomorrow I will also research a proper weapon.

Day 11 

I spent all night tilling the land and prepping for today's crop set-up. I was able to manage 4 farms before depleting my resources. I'm happy with this progress because it means another form of semi-permanence (if that's something to relish).

WilsonI was attacked by 2 beasts as I examined my newly found farms. The dangers of this place are becoming too much to handle. I evaded one which tired and retreated, and brandished my ax at the other. I was able to strike the monster down in a couple short swings. I regret not having made a spear for protection like I had considered the day prior. Though the ax made short work of the beast it took it's tole on the durability of my trusty tool.

I cooked the foul creature's remains, but it didn't settle in me very well. I feel as though I have eaten a monster. In turn, I feel as though I have become a monster. Just when I thought I was safe I ended up running for my life once more and being forced into battling these inhumane creatures. I ate seeds hoping to stem off my hunger. I feel as though I might die here. Am I not just a hungry monster to the likes of which I have just killed? Am I not the same as these beasts? I need food. Real food. I'm beginning to think that being alone is taking it's tole on me far greater then the surmounting threats. I feel as though I am losing my humanity.

Day 12

I'm pleased to wake up to my crops being ready for harvest! Maybe I won't starve to death at least. Not this fine day! I ran around collecting fire wood for today's long night, and was able to collect some more manure for my farms. I can't wait for tonight's feast. It's almost incomprehensible that I may survive here. Another long night without rest and I set forth to collect what I need. I eat flowers along my ventures to try and keep up my health. To sustain until I can return to camp and collect my farm's spoils. I can hardly wait! This has invigorated my spirits! If I can just make it a little longer. If I can only just survive through the day, tonight will be something to look forward to. 

I return home to have a delicious feast. On my ventures out today I had uprooted some berry bushes and was able to replant them at my new-found home location. I can only hope that they sprout in rotation with my crops so that it will help sustain my permanence here. The feast waiting for me is delicious. Two corn, an eggplant, and some foreign fruit later - roasted on an open fire - and i'm semi satiated. If only I could sleep I feel as though I may be rested enough for what I have planned tomorrow. Regardless, tomorrow is the day that I return to my prior camp and try to reclaim lost resources. I'm hoping that I am able to harvest the farms that I planted before, if the frogs haven't destroyed all I worked for.

Day 13

Today I ventured north, having summoned my courage to return to my camp from the week prior. Much to my amazement my pig-friend had returned! I don't know how their death is of such little permanence, but I don't care! I consider this to be a delusion at first until I see them attack some frogs in the same manner that made me understand they wanted me safe in the first place. I am so grateful to have friends again! I am almost to the point of tears! Maybe not all is lost in this horrible place. Maybe I can't really thrive here! Maybe, with a little help from my friends! 

Day 14  

I decided I needed to revisit my yak friends and collect more manure. I was running low and with all the farming I've done lately it seemed like a necessary resource to try and replenish. For the first time I was not greeted with neutrality from the yak beasts. They attacked me openly and caused me to flee in terror. My Pig Friend had tried to protect me while this happened but unfortunately were trampled to death. A loss of another friend. This cruel world has gotten the better of me. I was able to gather a small amount of stool from the yak-beasts in the meantime, but at what cost? The life of my friend. I will farm in his honor and never forget him. Tomorrow I will need to gather more wood for my fires, and more brush for my farm lands. I doubt i'll sleep tonight.

Day 15 

I was right about not sleeping. I spent all night mourning my friends. I'm not fully a monster since I feel compassion for them. But i'm alone in this harsh world, this much is clear. I set forth fleeting with the need to collect more manure for my fields. Just a little more and i'll be set. Just a little more and i'll be able to survive. Just a little bit. A little bit is all. All I need. Just a little more. All I need...


The journal entry ends here. From the footprints around the decomposed carcass we found these log entries on, we can only assume that this last attempt to gather manure from these beasts seemingly in heat had heeded nothing but futile results. All signs lead that our poor explorer had been trampled to death by one of the only creatures that helped him sustain life in this cruel world. His knowledge will be passed on to further explorers so that they may prevail where he had not. Perhaps it is better this way. Perhaps he had been granted an escape from madness by the only creatures he truly found solace in. Perhaps their final gift was to set his soul at ease and release him from this twisted environment full of peril and heartache. 

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