Sunday, June 22, 2014

Don't Starve - Wilson's Journal - Week 1

There has been a scientific discovery today regarding a journal found of an explorer/scientist named Wilson. We have published these journal entries for the betterment of scientific discovery, and a more wide range of understanding in this newly discovered world. Please, be advised the content of these journals is not completely intelligible. It seemed as though after a week's time the harsh environment had begun cause Wilson to lose grip with reality. We have been able to recreate images based on the crude drawings found within the journal. Please be advised that these are simply renderings of the content provided. Anything you see is just an interpretation from the information granted by the journal.

Day 1

WilsonI'm stranded in an unusual land, seemingly alone I don't know how I got here. I happened upon a poor soul who may have shared my current endeavor. Unfortunately he did not have his wits about him..nor his skins. I helped myself to his stocks, thanked him, and continued exploring this land. I was able to acquire an ax, a pick, and a shovel, as well as some food and resources to build a small shelter or further tools. His sacrifice may have bought me a couple days to get my bearings around this place without having to worry too much about scavenging. I thank his bones again and again as I uncover the strange nature of this place. So far, nothing seems out of the ordinary aside from the rapid topographical changes. One moment i'm standing in a forest, the next a plains, and the nest a swamp. It will be getting dark soon - I'll need to build a camp.


Day 2

WilsonI didn't sleep at all last night. I saw eyes in the darkness around the edges of my fire light. I dare not try and find what it could be, at least, not without acquiring some protection first. I chopped wood around my dimly lit camp to stable my nerves and keep my fire to a low roar...but i'm getting tired. I also roasted some of the food I obtained from the dead explorer to keep up my strength. Some hearty meat and eggplant over an open fire was a nice way to end the day, despite being a little unsettled. When day broke I realized how tired I really am - I hope it doesn't affect my performance today.

It begins to rain. I'm comforted that there's at least weather changes here to go along with the topographical erratic-ism. It puts my fire out, so I begin to walk some more. This is when I come across a creature quite bizarre - Some kind of, worm in the ground which as I approach opens it's mouth wide as to engulf me. I dare not jump in for fear of the unknown. Perhaps I will return to find what mysteries this creature holds.

WilsonAs I continue adventuring I come across another poor soul who has bitten the proverbial dust. I see foreshadowing in my own existence, but help myself to his remains none the less. Luckily for me since my clothes were damp and cold I was able to scavenge a suit made of logs from him. It's not the most comfortable thing, but I find it seems to protect my body well enough. Hopefully I won't need the extra
protection, but it never hurts to be safe.

WilsonAs I see the sun set in the distance, after miles of running, I come upon a creature. I find a steaming pile of feces on the ground as I watch this lumbering hulk walk away. I quickly stash it away in hopes of using it for fuel or fertilizer. As I scamper away I find a whole heard of these creatures! I will probably not stray far from this amazing resource. This now shows me that there are bigger creatures then just birds and rabbits inhabiting this land. Fuel and  potential food source, albeit i'll need to figure out how to take one of these beasts down if it comes to that. I couldn't be happier at this discovery!

WilsonI find another adventurer's remains before night fall. He seemed to be some sort of bee-keeper. As I ravage through his things I decide that it's getting too late to venture forth and further and decide to set up camp right there with him. It's comforting having his remains nearby during night least, in an abysmal sort of way. I hope I still have my wits about me, as it's only been two days. Has this place already gotten to me?

Day 3 

Another tireless night. Even though I had my skeletal compatriot I find that I could not get a single wink of sleep. I pack up my things and continue on my way north (or what I guess is north). I find that there are more bees then I had ever seen in nature together, and find that my most recent deceased friend probably had a great idea in trying to capture them for a food source. Between the bees and my large woolly friends to the south I consider this spot as an ideal location to try and build a more permanent camp.

WilsonI continue north as I consider this possibility, and roam until the sun starts to set. I'm happy that I continued forth because I then came across the most particular creatures I've seen so far. Pigs! But not just any pigs. These pigs stood as humans do and show fairly cognitive capacities in that they have a low form of speech and are able to perform tasks. I watched these creatures for a good while before getting any closer to them. I decided they seem friendly maybe even helpful. I think this may be where I build a more permanent residence. Despite being exhausted I doubt I'll sleep. There is just too much to prepare for tomorrow to set up a real camp.

Day 4

WilsonAfter running a checklist of all that needs to get done when day breaks, it finally comes! I start the day by befriending these "Pig-Men". It wasn't that difficult, really. Perhaps I gave them too much credit for being intelligent beings before. Never the less, they are quite useful companions. They assisted me in clearing some trees around their lodging, which is where I will begin to build my new found camp! I started by digging up the remains of trees we had worked together to purge, and removing the root systems from the ground. Clearing a nice surrounding area to reside in.

WilsonAs I worked, a quite peculiar Toad approached. I've never seen this species before, so I kept my distance. My friends however did not seem to take to my caution, as they attacked the poor creature on sight! I was thankful that they did, as the toad lashed out at them with a massive tongue which is when I noticed it also had a gaping maw with fanged teeth atop it's head. I allowed my pig-muscle to handle that situation so I could continue setting up shop.

WilsonNight was upon us entirely too soon. I had lost track of the time on account of being so busy. I quickly threw some rocks into a circle and used my new fire-pit while planted my metaphorical flag here in my new territory among allies. I was too happy with the results of this day to sleep at all. I instead used this time to think and invent. I was able to construct a makeshift backpack, which is a much needed accessory. I also came up with a perpetual science machine - which allows me to further invent new creations.

Day 5 

I realized after consulting with my science machine, that I had enough materials to construct a small farm! I
Wilsonhadn't eaten for days on account of being so busy, so this revelation was at the precise needed time! I'll need to forage for food soon, but I'm hoping my crops will blossom and I will be able to sustain from them alone! My pig friends will also be happy having a new food source, since they seem to eat whatever they can. I realize I'll need far more manure for this venture - so I set south to find the heard of large woolly yak creatures. My pig-friend decide to follow at the heel.

During dusk, we were attacked by spiders.
 My friends fought valiantly - and unfortunately perished by the venom of these vile creatures.

I ran as far as I could and found myself among the heard of large beasts. I found comfort there, being among a group. This also allowed me to gather more manure for my farm... I wouldn't not allow the death of my friends to go in vain. I worked tirelessly throughout the night collecting samples and gathering resources by torch light and eventually set up a small camp. I found that when true night fell the beasts too slept. I don't know why I expected any less but I found it nice to have a sense of normalcy in them. Though I haven't slept for days, I find these things oddly comforting.

Day 6 

Upon day break I decide it's time to venture back to my main camp north of here. My friends had died, and I've gathered enough samples from the yak-beasts to tend to some more farming. Since i'm living off the land these days I deem it necessary to get a perpetuating food source running. I can't rely on scavenging all my meals any longer. This operation must happen today, so I set forth.

Making my way back north, I find a circle of unusual flowers around a quite unusual ring thing. I pick it up for further examination when I get back to home base.

Almost immediately north I find a grave site and start to regret my decision of picking this "relic" up. I hope no ill will befalls me. I return to camp again unsettled.

It dawns on me that I don't have enough grass to set for the ground level of my farm excursion. I find myself among some treacherous relics. Hidden toys and an ice staff surrounded by some type of blue hounds. I dare not venture too close. I return back to camp empty handed.

Day 7 

I set back south to the plain lands in hopes of gathering more manure and some dry brush for farming. Hoping that I avoid all dangers along the way. I have become more unsettled by my surroundings, which I believe is necessary. Frogs with mouths on their heads, ice beasts, killer spiders. I've seen too much loss so far not to be more cautious. The idea of building a farm is all that's keeping me going at this point. It's been a week since I've slept - It's taking it's tole.

I spend my day scavenging for dried grass and run into the pack of Yak beasts I've grown so fond of. They greet me with their usual feces, to which I am grateful. I'm hoping to launch more farms today and this is exactly what is needed.

I head back early, picking wild berries and carrots along the way.

When I get back to my camp I find a nice surprise waiting for me in the form of a trapped bird and a fully grown eggplant! I will eat meat tonight for the first time in a week as well as a roasted eggplant. Maybe things are taking a turn for the better!

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