Sunday, June 1, 2014

First Post Recluse.

So i'd like to first thank anyone who clicks on this post for their time. I just want to delve a little bit into the aspirations of this blog, and what it may focus on. Generally i'll be posting on anything ranging from games, movies, and maybe music to my every day life as a retail peon and moonlight theater extraordinaire (for those of you who didn't read my bio, the live theatre kind, not the movie kind).

I'll precursor whats to come by throwing down some of my street-cred in some of these subjects. I use to work for the now closed video game company Mythic Entertainment for many years. I've worked in movie theaters before, but am currently working in a live theatre doing everything from building and painting sets, to hanging, focusing, and programming lights. I play entirely too many videogames and am constantly watching some kind of show or movie at the same time, in my spare time. I absorb entirely too much media despite not having cable access television. Long live the wonderful streaming internet, am I right? When i'm not glued to a monitor, crafting theatrical wonderment, or nerding out on tabletop games - I'm hanging out with my lovely girlfriend, who some would say I spend entirely too much time with. She's amazing and plays games with me as well, which doesn't help people's notion of us being attached at the hip. I digress.

Whats next to come will probably be a delve into my gamer-cred so you'll know a little bit more about my tastes and opinions, but we'll save that for the next post. Hopefully you'll be around for that one too. Then we can get into the real meat and potatoes of it. I'll bait you a little bit here by saying I tend to lean heavily on Massive Multiplayer games, and have played most of the ones to date, though that's a far cry from the only genre of game I play.

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