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Got a schedule posted and set in stone (or some other kind of semi-pliable stone material that can be changed if need be). It's more like a huge stone that we can chisel the face off of if there needs to be another surface for engraving a new set of scheduled time slots. Anyway, the schedule looks something a lot like this:

Twitch Scheduled at 3PM - ?pm PST or 8pm-10pm PST
Moba Mondays - Heroes of the Storm
Lootin Tootin Tuesdays - Diablo 3
Hump Day WoW Day - World of Warcraft
Thurs-Person Shooter - Loadout
Payday Fridays! - Payday 2
Shomer Shabbas Saturdays off - We sure as shit don't fuckin roll!
Tubes Topical/QA - Youtube Vid every Sunday
At this time it's only Thursday on the first week of the schedule. Done an hour or two in order to test the waters some. So far so good. The most popular stream day so far has been MOBA Monday by far, which I attribute to the game being in closed-Alpha and is pretty decently sought after by the community. Heroes of the Storm has all the MOBA players chomping at the bit to get into. MOBA for those who don't know is an acronym for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, and is considered a sub-genre of the Real Time Strategy game genre. Basically a lot of clicking and strategic movement around the map, but not very high action feeling (to me at least). It's not my forte, but one of my main colleagues of the stream really enjoys those type of games so we're dedicating a day to getting in on that action. 
It's also hard to compete with such a lively streaming community when there are live feeds and reels going around from this year's E3 convention, which is one of the largest gaming events as well as biggest reveal times for major labels in the entire year. We chose this time in particular to launch because there wouldn't be many people popping in to check out the streams as the kinks get worked out and some of the edges can get nailed down. It's kind of disheartening streaming to a more or less empty room, but hey, got to start somewhere. With the E3 Coverage there's also a lot of game news buzzing around this week which will make doing Sunday's proposed sum-up of the week video easy to pick topics for. It's all strategy here, all the time! 
The character breakdown for the primary stream activities are as follows and with pictures! 

MOBA Monday slot goes to my new support character Tyrande from World of Warcraft.

Support Character who possesses a Healing ability which heals the target and Tyrande in one action, a attack that launches an owl in a straight line, revealing the map and damaging enemies it passes through, and an AoE stun. Her ultimate abilities include either a group stealth (if the allies are close) or a large AoE damage ability that strikes erratically in the area which you cast. As a kicked in ability she has Hunter's Mark, which can affect one enemy at a time and increases damage dealt to that hero while the mark remains. Not a bad hero for someone who likes support such as myself.
Lootin Tootin Tuesday's session goes to my main Diablo 3 character named Echuta, the Witch Doctor. An all time fave of mine.
Witch Doctor

Echuta is a powerhouse of a character with entirely too much utility. From having an army of pets that skitter around him, to unbelievable "oh shit" buttons. Echuta remains king of my Diablo Experience. His build is as follows.
1. Soul Harvest - Vengeful Spirit
2. Spirit Walk - Jaunt
3. Gargantuan - Wrathful Protector
4. Mass Confusion - Paranoia
L-Click:  Piranhas - Piranado 
R-Click: Plague of Toads - Rain of Toads
Passives - Midnight Feast, Grave Injustice, Fetish Sycophants, and Pierce the Veil.
You can also click right here to link to his profile page. As a brief description of how he works is that he casts Piranhas into a vantage point which gathers up all the baddies. Then runs into a group of enemies - blows Mass Confusion so the enemies attack each other and take more damage, uses Soul Harvest to up his intelligence and do a decent portion of damage to the group, then he runs out of the group (using Spirit Walk if necessary, but usually holding onto that for when massive damage is deal to him) most of the time totally unscathed. His pets create a nice barrier for him to run to safety behind most of the time as well, which he then rains down toads on the remaining group of enemies from the safety afar. For really big baddies he'll use Gargantuan when he's in the fray... but it's reserved for pretty badass mobs. For being overly safe as well as overly badass, the Witch Doctor is #1.

Hump Day WoW Day also gets my main character slot over in World of Warcraft. The Blood Elf Hunter named Velgrim. 

I won't get too much into what Velgrim does aside from saying he's got a Spirit Bear named Bjorn that follows him around and helps destroy his enemies close up. Meanwhile Velgrim rains down shit in the form of arrows, glaives, and other summoned woodland creatures that pile on the poor target and make short work of whatever life they have once Bjorn is done. The long and short of it is, Velgrim is a badass, and if you don't know how hunters work in WoW yet, you've either been living under a rock or have just connected to the internet for the first time. You can find more about hunters here or more specifically if you'd like to see Velgrim's gear and rap sheet you can find it right here.

Thurs-Person Shooter Day was rounded out with the all time crowd pleaser named Dirt Dog, from Loadout. The customized T-Bone character model.
3rd Person Shooter

This underwear clad gentleman is a force of nature. He has two primary weapons, in two different sets. His primary "big boy pants" set is called Big Dick's Big Shits - and carries a 1 shot rocket launcher called "Daddy's Little Goomba", and a secondary lightning beam rifle (like a protopack gun from Ghostbusters) called "Da' Giggle Stick". These two being his favored set, he also uses a support set called Da' Mad Haterade which features a 6 chamber firebomb rocket launcher named "Internet Hate Machine" and a nice healing beam rifle which he refers to simply as "Jamaican Herbs and Spices". Delicious. Mayhem never looked so good.

Friday Payday! - Tomorrow holds in store one thing - masked men and heists. Wolf is my character of choice, and I shall dawn the infamous Gold Tooth Grin he has had since launch.

He's both the subtle breeze and thunderclap. The flowing stream and raging river! For on the fly mission utility he's a ghost for those stealthy jobs to which he wears a simple black suit and silenced weapons. When the plan is to go in guns-a-blazin, he puts on his heavy suit of armor and picks up his shotgun. No words need be said. This build's mantra is "Say Nothing; Or say something REALLY LOUD"! 

Just a little look into the main players of the weekly stream and how they work, should you care to involve yourself with any kind of mechanics behind the man. Looking at the breakdown I suppose I am mostly a support player that relies heavily on ranged as well as making allies the brunt of the enemies' targets. All the while I can sit in the back lazily taking pot-shots and swoop in to crush enemies at the precise time needed! Support is King, and Utility is his Prince.   

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